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Our company offers you work in full-time employment and cooperation for tradesmen. We employ more than 100 people in full-time employment and in the construction season, we work with dozens of subcontractors and tradesmen. Our philosophy is that one has to get paid well for job done and therefore we do not have during 20 years no outstanding debts to suppliers and people are  always paid on time.

Vacant positions in our company:

Construction worker

We require skill in one of the professions: bricklaying, tiling, insulation, drywall, plastering, installation works- We offer stableemployment throughout the year and a good salary- Work around Humenné and Košice.


Check all the necessary settings and conditions prior to starting line-

Laquering of material by painting powder coating technology by technological processes.

  • Responsibility for compliance with technological procedures related to the operation of the line.
  • Operation and setting of spray booth and kiln.
  • Caring for spray booth, baking furnace and related facilities.

Contact for job applications:

Viera Harvanová
+421 57 / 775 7747