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„Without prudent planning and honest training, you can't win a game or a business. You need to treat your customers with the same respect as your opponents on the other side of the board. Jaroslav Pčola transferred the strategies from the royal game to the management of the company. He also taught this mastery to his son, who today allows him to make more and more important moves. Over the last twenty-three years, the Reinter construction company from Humenné has built a reputation as a fair player with an honest approach. Last year, it exceeded 11.6 million euros in sales and is the leading construction contractor in its region. The company is headed by a father and son with the same names but different approaches to management. While the older has experienced the construction business literally from tile to top management, the younger builds on his father's experience and moves the construction company into a new, digital era.“




From the smallest buildings in garden architecture to the largest ones in the construction of highways

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